Embracing Your Age!

Your age is nothing to be ashamed of, yes that’s right!,  you should embrace the woman who you  are becoming right now. The old  is gone and the new has come.  The new woman who is beginning to emerge as we enter into this new phase of life called “Getting Older”. We have grey hair, we may not be as slim as we once were, but we have so much more wisdom, and we have gained many experiences to share with the younger generation. Some will listen and some may not, but we can move ahead with confidence knowing that we are still intelligent, confident and beautiful women who can be influential in the lives of others.

The last few day’s I have been trying to decide what to blog about this week, and then as I sat in the wee hours of the morning preparing to go to work, I began to write down ideas for this post. I wrote the typical things like Motivation, Time management, you know the same old stuff, then I thought about the aging woman, so many blogs and topics around aging gracefully have been written on this topic, so I thought I would put my two cents in on it as well. I am 59 1/2 as I write this blog, and there are many days that I think about how I have changed over the years, my hair is turning white, my middle is expanding, (but I am working on that), I find that I have a low tolerance for non-sense from other people , my patience is not what it once was. Now!  with some of my flaws out in the open lets talk about this next phase of life called “Getting Older”, shall we…

This blog is all about retirement, and moving from  working a full-time job to starting a blog and a YouTube channel as a way to express my creativity, and to share what I have learned over the years. I am learning about a side of me that I have never known, and  to see if I even have a creative side, I am going use these platforms to express them with others who are moving in the same direction as I am.  When I talk about  “Getting Older”  it does not mean we lay down our dreams, ambitions, and creativity at the door and never be productive, or learn and grow as women, we need to take the time to reflect on what we have to offer the world and to then ” Let our little light shine” in  the lives of others.

A time of reflection, is a key element of “Getting Older”, it is time to sit quietly down with pen and paper and take stock of where you want your life to go. Like I said in my previous post, Don’t let life’s circumstances dictate the direction of yours, you are the master of your one ship, if you will… there is still a lot of life to live yet. You  may going through a difficult season in your life, but you are stronger than you think you are, and with a little motivation and drive, you can get thru anything. Just push through.

Motivation,   How does one gain perspective on this concept? There is a lot of  information on  the topic of  motivation out there, and it’s all good information about how to get it, but  if your like me, I  can listen to all of the motivational speakers or read articles that are meant to inspire , but there is time when motivation is hard to find despite doing these things. I find that many times motivation is renewed in the quiet moments of reflection and soul-searching to find out what is on the inside just wanting to come out Stealing quiet moments especially in the early morning hours when there is no noise to distract you is the best time to sit alone with pen and paper,your thoughts and prayers, write them down and prioritize them and then start the work.

Time management is  also very important, even when you retire. It should be a little easier to manage time during this phase of your life because you’re not rushed and hopefully life is a little less demanding. When you make your daily to do list, prioritize your time and you will find your time will be utilized better and you will get more accomplished than you ever thought you would.

In closing, this sounds much easier to do than what it is sometimes because we are distracted with many things. There are times when the demands out weigh the times of peace, quiet and solitude, but don’t be discouraged find the time I promise you it will be worth it.


Until Next Blog