The Adventures of Moving to Idaho Part III Finally Home

Well, once again it has been a while since an update about our moving to Idaho experience. We now have a home, and wow has it been a busy 2 months. Projects galore, but they are almost finished. Since the last post, we have had the whole place painted, a pellet stove installed and ready for winter to arrive, a new french door will be added hopefully soon, and last but not least new countertops will be installed all in about another month. Starting to get really excited and relieved that it will all be done soon, and we can finally settle in for whatever the winter months may bring. Oh!, and I have to add that new gutters and downspouts have been added all around, boy are they nice.

Finally, I can say I am home, things are starting to calm down, and we can finally breathe, take a look around and take it all in. In just a few short weeks the countertops, and the French Door will be installed and the kitchen will feel more complete along with an island that will complement the table we have had since last year. I will be so glad when this phase is over and we can finally settle into our new little part of the world that is called Nampa, Idaho,

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The Adventures of Moving to Idaho-Part II

Well, It’s been a while since I have filled you in on the move to Idaho. I don’t think I have felt this exhausted in a while, it has been such a whirlwind of excitement. Last time I talked about the process of actually purchasing the home, but now we have finally moved in and it feels great to have my own space once again. The projects have been happening and are in full swing, it is just crazy and I am still lacking sleep because of the painting that is taking place right now as we speak except it is night, but they will be here bright and early in the morning to begin again.

I would like to say that it is best to have painters come in before you ever move in. That would make your life so much easier, but in my case that could not happen, because we had no home and it got rather stressful living with family although we were very thankful we had them to fall back on thank you, Carol and Toni, we could not have done this without you. Anyway, the painting should be done within the next couple of days, and then the french door will be coming next, then the pellet stove and then we should be all finished with the major things and we should be able to relax and enjoy the fruit of our labors.

In closing, I would like to tell all of you who read this blog, that I am grateful and thankful for all of you who take the time, so please leave a comment below with thoughts and suggestions that would help me to create enjoyable content. Once again I thank you all!

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The Adventures of Moving to Idaho Part 1


Hey you guys!, it’s been a while since I have posted on this blog, bet you thought I was gone, but not so. There has been a lot going on since my last post, and I want to take a few minutes to share. If you have not heard me on Social Media platforms, we are moving to Idaho from Oregon. Needless to say, it has been a ride. We have learned a lot about moving and buying a house in another state that I would like to share with you so you will know how to handle each situation as it makes its appearance.

First, do not put in an offer on a house if you are under a contingency. Sellers do not work with you well unless they are sure you are going to sell, and they are never sure and neither are you. Chances are it will not go through and you will be left disappointed, make sure you are free and clear to make your offer with no strings, it will save you heartache in the long run.

Second, make sure you go to visit your property, do not make an offer based on the pictures you see online, the pictures online are not what you actually see when you go and physically visit your property in person. Real Estate photos are posted to make the property appear in better condition than they really are most of the time, and they only take partial pictures of each room and it is not always clear what you are seeing.

Third, make sure you do an inspection on your property before purchase, and go over the inspection report completely. This is the time that you can get the seller to fix and repair everything that you don’t want to do when you move in. We had an offer on a house and if it wasn’t for the inspection we would have had an expensive mess on our hands, so please examine your inspection report diligently, it could save your pocketbook.

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