What keeps you in your “Comfort Zone”

Why do we stay in our Comfort Zone? Fear of the unknown? Comparing ourselves to others?  these are two of the topics I want to discuss that keep us secluded in our little bubble of comfort. We have so many things on our  “to do”  lists that occupy our time and keep us doing busy work and not really focused on stepping out and making a real change in our lives. Why is that? first I want to talk about “fear if the unknown.” Let’s say you have an idea for a blog, or a business that you want to start, maybe you want to become an actress or some other venture that you’ve been thinking about, but you don’t know where to even start, this can create fear of the unknown, because you don’t think you will ever be able to succeed or be able to find the resources to help you create the life you imagine for yourself. Just the thought of stepping out in uncharted territory is horrifying, trust me I know the feeling, I have had many ideas racing around in my head that I have wanted to try but have always felt that fear of the unknown rise up and cause me to doubt if my ideas would ever come to fruition. I have also started things that begin on a positive note, and then after some time, that fear rears its ugly head again, through feelings of inadequacy even though the project has only begun. I am discovering that I just need to press on, with the thought in mind that my en endeavor may and probably will take time to blossom into something profitable, or of value to others. Sometimes you just have to keep putting yourself out there until someone discovers the value of what you are trying to accomplish.

The next thing is “Comparisons”, Comparing yourself to others is sometimes a very difficult thing not to do. Many times we look at other people’s lives through the lens of Social Media, or maybe a person you know who you look up to and think to yourself ” Man, they have it all together”, but as you step back and take a closer look, you find that the things they had to go through were not easy either, and they had doubts and fears of the unknown, but pushed through that fear and continued on until their dreams became real for them. They refused to let fear of the unknown stop them from pushing forward and not paralyzing them from taking the steps needed to achieve their vision for the life they want.

If you have ever felt this fear of the unknown,  don’t let it stop you from creating the life you want, find a mentor, who has done what you want to do and make that to do list be more than just tasks on a piece of paper or post-it note, write out your to-do list in such a manner that it directs you toward the steps needed  to bring you out of your comfort zone and moving toward making your dream a reality.  Step out and show the world what you’ve got!

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